22 Digit Records hits landmark 50th release with 'A Dark Past' EP


22 Digit Records hits landmark 50th release with 'A Dark Past' EP

Eclectic label 22 Digit Records celebrates its landmark 50th release by looking over its eclectic back catalogue on the 'A Dark Past' EP. The release sees label owners William Welt and Peter Bartram handpick four tracks, each one with its own distinctive and individual sound.

The first track titled 'Who Am I' is from Midicult, the track is centred round a mysterious and poignant spoken male vocal, which is wrapped in dark atmospherics and layered over deep pads. Stripped back and precise it has a slight soundscape feel to it, but the shuffling rhythms of the stripped back drums.

Second to feature on this release is Lincoln (UK) based duo, Melos + Kyber with the quirkily titled "Grandma's Music Box" sits somewhere between Detroit influenced House and Deep Techno. Layering a looped vocal over one of their trademark thick bass sounds the track has an analogue warmth.

Next up is 'Paperclip' from Barcelona's Ludowick (Luis A. Palomo) offering a dark and driving with a shuddering single note bass line that provides a relentless groove. Slowly building with added textures, the tracks murky vocal loop is complemented with snare rolls and building effects.

Rounding things off, is Irish born David Smith aka Mael, full of industrial influence "Deviation" is easily the hardest track on this release, but it has a deep and rolling groove that would more commonly be associated with House music. Centred round a 90’s influence female vocal pad that loops and builds as the track progresses.


1. Midicult - Who Am I (Original Mix)
2. Melos + Kyber - Grandma's Music Box (Original Mix)
3. Ludowick - Paperclip (Original Mix)
4. Mael - Deviation (Original Mix)

Release Date: 2nd November 2015.