30Drop presents his minimalistic 'Intrusion' EP


30Drop presents his minimalistic 'Intrusion' EP

30Drop presents a nice little four track E.P entitled 'Intrusion' - the tracks are taken from the long player released in January 2015 on Detroit Underground Records - pressed in a white vinyl limited edition to be used directly on the dancefloor.

The release is dripped with elements of Detroit’s minimalism, hard, and concise Techno that cuts into predefined patterns and creates new boundaries to warm musical spaces in order to accommodate this new way of thinking; those are tools brought here from a future that’s already past to define an EP that’s a place halfway between Detroit and Berlin and has been influenced by masters like Jeff Mills, Terrence Dixon, Surgeon and German minimalism of the 90s.

Pushing those boundaries with the first track 'Intrusion' taking the minimal approach, with a thumping bass-line, tweaks and bleeps layout a format that builds in momentum, elevating to a drop with reworked voices and snappy percussions.

'Flash' leaves in a breathless state, reminiscent of Jeff Mills cutting and chopping samples and beats, repeativative to the core in true Detroit style.

'Spacecraft' with it's dramatic synthline holding the structure, building up with a thumping kick-drum, snapping hats, that eventually give way to that Berlin sound of clashing noises, and if you wanted anymore dropping a subtle crash to give it full body and vigre.

The E.P finishes with 'Coded Transmission' bringing you down to earth, ambient in nature, haunting samples grace your ears, but it never builds or pushes outside the boundaries of minimalistic Techno.


A1. Intrusion
A2. Flash
B1. Spacecraft
B2. Coded Transmission

Release Date: 16th July 2015.