_burst records debuts Monosaccharide with his 'Consumer' EP


_burst records debuts Monosaccharide with his 'Consumer' EP

_burst records announces the first solo debut of Monosaccharide with the release of his 'Consumer' EP - combining four tracks, consisting of two originals, plus two ultimative remixes by Subjected and MTD.

'Consumer' is full of phat basslines, melodic spheres, whopping kicks and also hypnotic spacey loops or simply avant-garde techno. At the end we are talking about feelings and emotions, which extremely fit to the Zeitgeist.

'Cymatics' hits you with it's sharp stabbing kick-drums, warped synths really add texture and context to the track, dropping multitude high-hats and out of this samples.

While the release is topped off with two exemplary remixes, Subjected turns out a blistering remix remix of 'Consumer', with a subtle build-up it drops into an amazing multi-layered array of stabs.

Rounding off the release, MTD explores 'Cymatics' with icy tonal qualities matched by warm melodics, taking to the floor with a straight up tempo, quite simply it's big Techno.


1. Consumer (Original Mix)
2. Consumer (Subjected remix)
3. Cymatics (Original Mix)
4. Cymatics (MTD Exploration Mix)

Release Date: 14th December 2015.