Acid Techno from Marco Bove with his 'Tempus' E.P


Acid Techno from Marco Bove with his 'Tempus' E.P

Milan based electronic record label Fluctus Soul, look to imprint boss Marco Bove who delivers an huge acid-techno release 'Tempus'. The Italian artist gives his idea of Fluctus Soul's sound with three dark and powerful tracks which includes a version of "Tempus" remixed by Lensis.

The release in many ways takes a modern approach Techno exploring the abstract and and duly delivers with echoing chord cascades and spluttering sound effects.

'Westclox' is an acid descent to the underground, driven to the depth by the darkest basslines whilst 'Tempus' takes off with a dramatic intensity with a more direct, building to a pounding beat, to which stuttering, spacious stabs.

'Interstellar' simply broods that acid touch, growing at a pace, with it's cavernous drum sounds and snappy high-hats, while retaining the four-on-the-floor pulse.

Lensis steps up for the only remix on the package, infected with a diverse and powerful rhythmic pattern and dark pads that swell into a more celebratory hybrid arpeggio and crisp melodic colours.


1 Marco Bove - Westclox (Original Mix)
2 Marco Bove - Tempus (Original Mix)
3 Marco Bove - Interstellar (Original Mix)
4 Marco Bove - Tempus (Lensis Remix)

Release Date: 28th September 2015