After a hiatus SPIEL is back for 2016 with Good Guy Mikesh's 'Cookies' EP

Melodic Techno

After a hiatus SPIEL is back for 2016 with Good Guy Mikesh's 'Cookies' EP

The little Dirt Crew sub label Spiel started out in late 2013 with three excellent releases, the first two by 'Clancy' featuring remixes by Urulu and Prins Thomas followed by a stellar EP from Mercury. After a hiatus SPIEL is back for 2016. Renewed and inspired we have a bunch of both fresh faced and established artists on board packing quality releases for the year. With sounds spanning from Indie Dance and Electronica to Disco and spaced out Balearic jams, we’re proud to present you the first of our outings for 2016.

First up is close friend and rock solid producer ’žGood Guy Mikesh‘. Out of Leipzig, Germany, he’s the guy with the Perfect pitch, forward thinking ideas, an impressive discography of 12’s to his name, and a huge range of influences from funk and soul, to 80’s new wave electro and back again. He’s come to the table with four tracks we’ve been busting to share with you.

‘Whim’ is the steady builder. Spacious and very much alive with sliding leads and layers of analogue synths that sparkle, it’s melancholic bliss, it’s a deep breath inducing, dance floor lifting, thought provoking piece of beauty. ’Why Not’ is something deeper, the bass slips and slides dancing with the top line, while a palette of plucked strings, tuned percussion and Mikesh’s signature synth soundscapes reach into the distance as the track continues to roll.

On the B side, ’Cookie’ is joyful, its playful keys and poolside energies toast to warm weather and good times. Bouncing arpeggios lead the charge in the break, rising before giving way to euphoric synthetic strings which lead us back into the elated refrain. ‘Corone’ hints towards Mikesh’s disco history, boasting a burly bass and a funk all of its own, this indie dance shaker’s got a solid groove and vibe to spare.


A1 ’“ Whim
A2 ’“ Why Not
B1 ’“ Cookie
B2 ’“ Corone

Release Date: 11th March 2016.