Agoria debuts on the Hotflush roster with 'Helice'


Agoria debuts on the Hotflush roster with 'Helice'

Dropping on the 1st December, Hélice is Agoria's first release of 2014. Former Infiné Music boss, the Frenchman lines himself up presenting two new cuts - the title track and "Make It Real" - alongside a remix of "Make It Real" by Scuba as ESS.

Gallic cynosure Agoria debuts on the Hotflush roster with 'Hélice' - a compelling, propelling record that envelopes and encompasses. Blending an ambience of eerie sci-fi over suspense-laden peaks and troughs, it goes after body and mind in equal measure.

The 12-inch comes at the tail end of another busy year for Scuba and co, with releases from South London Ordnance, Paul Woolford, Auden, Phil Kieran, Dense & Pika and Recondite accompanied by three EPs from Scuba himself.

Its B-side counterpart is 'Make It Real', a jacking house number cut through with a classic Rhodes bounce. The latent garage disposition is brought to the fore by ESS, whose remix nods to the East Coast glory days of yore.

Sébastien Devaud grew up in Valencin, in the French district of Isère. As a child, he was already exposed to an artistic and musical background since his father was an architect and a record collector and his mother was an opera singer. His passion for electronic music started in 1988, at age 12 when he bought the record of ''Big Fun'' by Inner City. This record was the beginning of his love for Detroit techno. Chicago House, Acid House and Belgian New Beat.

A few years later, he attended a Jeff Mills' DJ performance. Impressed by the technique of the American DJ who used three phonograph turntables, he bought a Technics SL-MK2 turntable and learnt to mix.

After leaving Infiné in 2011, and one year after releasing “Singing”, Agoria finally dropped two eagerly awaited tracks on his EP “Scala” on the Innervisions label. A catchy and rhythmic piano was the soundtrack to Ibiza’s summer of 2013. Scala is a new success. On the B-Side, it’s Francesco Tristano who joins Sebastien for the second part of their “kick the peace”...

Released in January 2014, his powerful remix of Moby’s “Almost Home” shows one more time the talent of the French DJ. He succeeds in subliming the sensitivity of the original track. His collaboration with Everydayz on the controllers of the remix “Feel” by Griefjoy, released on Sony is another taste of a rich upcoming year.