Akashic hits Nonlinear Systems with his 'Dark Arts' EP


Akashic hits Nonlinear Systems with his 'Dark Arts' EP

Akashic (aka Ricardo Pereira) hits Nonlinear Systems with three absolute thumping tracks on his debut for the imprint with his 'Dark Arts' EP. After great releasing on Decoy, Labyrnth and Konstrukt Records, the Australian based producer creates a deep, atmosphere on this new release.

With its dark and atmospheric soundscapes, 'Black Rock' offers sparkling synth lines and shuffling hi hats with modulated echoes that go straight from your ear to your brain.

The reduced drums and driven synths in 'Nebula' will finally beam you into a basement techno party full of fog and strobe lights.

The release comes to a climax with 'People' with a heavy kick and strong bassline droning synths and long reverb fx.


1. Black Rock
2. Nebula
3. People

Release Date: 23rd November 2015.