Alessandro Parisi - Crystal Tears [Turn It Down Music]


Alessandro Parisi - Crystal Tears [Turn It Down Music]

Turn It Down Music, based in Berlin and led by Matthias Speck (aka Back for Good), has consistently turned heads since it first emerged in 2017. On their latest, they welcome into the fold - Italian producer Alessandro Parisi, who impresses with the courtesy of Crystal Tears rather excellent rave-heavy sounds.

The original is an up-tempo banger with electro sounds from the old school. Notable for its many dramatic vibes, thanks to its trance tinges, which evoke memories of the classic self - titled jam of Age of Love, it really sticks out of the crowd.

Another Italian, Armonics then opts to retain much of the charm of the original, placing it next to an Italo vibe inspired by the 80s that maintains a really classy, timeless vibe. His contribution here is best known for his work on the Slow Motion label, far from the original but also one that gives the package an unlikely eclectic theme.

The release closure is the remix of Back for Good. His remix takes everything great about the original before Speck leaves his own inimitable stamp on it with the kind of gnarly baseline you just don't find too often.


Crystal Tears (Original)

Crystal Tears (ARMONICS Remix)
Crystal Tears (BACK FOR GOOD Remix)

Release Date: 3rd May 2019