Alessio Viggiano and Niccolo Borgi team up for 'Orgasmo Cosmico' EP


Alessio Viggiano and Niccolo Borgi team up for 'Orgasmo Cosmico' EP

Indepth Music Rec finally reaches its 40th EP by way of a Italy based producers Alessio Viggiano & Niccolò Borgi. Having released solo projects and collaborations on labels such as Innocent, Youruba, Kina, Baile Musik’¦ they now present a blast release on Indepth Music Rec. Their 'Orgasmo Cosmico' EP is the maximum example of their unique sound, made of dark grooves and sexy deep melodies.

The track from which the EP gets its name is a hypnotic yet intelligent trip to the tech-house land of grooves and bells. This original mix offers us as a great variety of percussion sounds including claps, hats and deep tripping ambience.

To say that 'Chamomille' is a powerful tool, would be a huge understatement. The deep synth and the massive groove will destroy your dancefloor, mainly in the second part of the track. Pay attention to the clap because it will get you shaken up Try not to dance!

For the third original mix, we have Olevia. The deep synths create a unique atmosphere, armed with a hot female voice and freaky effects. Sensual and warm, this production fits perfectly in the smartest and most elegant settings.

Sparse and with a bit of experimental vibes Azotat de Potasiu. Presenting a rather minimal groove, the sound design and processing of ambience really make this one fill the air with palpable energy. Metallic and percussive, its drive and energy tell a story of promising dancefloor bomb

Viggiano e Borgi work is elegantly showcased in Indepths 40th release, creating a perfect marriage between label and artist. Continuing on the line of their success, this duo seems a promising future just beyond the horizon where their spiritual sounds run free.


1. Chamomile
2. Azotat de Potasiu
3. Orgasmo Cosmico
4. Levia

Release Date: 11th July 2016.