Alex Ferrer & Marco Tegui release 'Think' EP with British singer LaVoyce

Deep House

Alex Ferrer & Marco Tegui release 'Think' EP with British singer LaVoyce

Spanish artist Alex Ferrer and Peruvian Marco Tegui team up for the first time to create the EP "Think". Using the vocals of the British singer LaVoyce, this intercontinental collaboration brings deep groovy House beats and funky rhythms to Ferrer´s very own label, Deeplomatic Recordings.

The four-track EP opens with the original version of "Think". Ferrer and Tegui have opted for a mysterious sounding baseline, while the vocals, with a clear Soul music influence, take us through the memories of a woman contemplating over an old romance. 

The first remix of the single comes from the well-known Mexican artist Bastard Love (Diynamic / Hot Waves / My Favourite Robot). Adding a bouncing synth and a stronger base, he has transformed the track from a lighter note to a deeper dungier house record. 

Next remix comes from Dutch producer D-Felic, he has chosen a softer, funkier approach by changing the bass to hold a consistent groove. 

The last remix comes from Spanish artist Raye, his interpretation of the original track peeks into a darker minimal side, almost dipping into the Techno genre. Overall a well rounded blend of sounds with a version for everyone to enjoy.