Alex Randal presents addictive Techno on his 'Planet X' EP


Alex Randal presents addictive Techno on his 'Planet X' EP

Alex Randal presents warm and addictive Techno on his 'Planet X' EP, released on the Soniculture imprint, he embarks in a bit of more underground action, with a five tracker.

With references coming from artists such as Ben Klock, Oscar Mulero and Shifted, and he has already released on Dope, 7Teen, Shaping, Trau-ma and Monocline records.

Totally mental and filled with hypnotism one can enjoy the sensation of travelling through the density created by acid basslines and ethereal melodies. Surely, on 'Planet X', this type of music is what those aliens are listening to now.

Kicking off with a solid drum groove and a mesmerising synth loop, 'Stroboscope' is certainly setting the tone for what’s to come on the release.

Next up, 'Cleft' intricate drum beat introduces an infectious synth melody, accompanied by energetic instrumental arrangements which later transcend into a seismic ascension.

While, 'Disturb My Sleep' devises a heavy drop, characterised by a catchy melody and subby elements, spicing things up with an array of effects.

'Brain Worms' brings a sub-frequency tract, heading towards another massive build-up which resolves into a energy-stripped section, before leading to another array of acid basslines and ethereal melodies.


1. Planet X
2. Stroboscope
3. Cleft
4. Disturb My Sleep
5. Brain Worms

Release Date: 11th December 2015.