ALiVE Recordings release Tom Budden with the 'Losing Control' EP


ALiVE Recordings release Tom Budden with the 'Losing Control' EP

ALiVE Recordings latest release comes from label head-honcho Tom Budden with the 'Losing Control' EP which features a remix from Oli Furness. Dedicated to House music, ALiVE has a back catalogue of artists which include Leftwing & Kody, Shadow Child, Shall Ocin, Waifs & Strays, Yousef, Cera Alba and many others of a similar calibre.

The first of the original tracks titled ‘Losing Control’ has thick set percussion and a subtle rave influence led by female vocal stabs, and a looped breakbeat layered over a four-to-the-floor kick drum. Uplifting with a party vibe, the lead synth and bassline fill the track with energy to give it a dancefloor focus.

Track two and the second of Tom’s originals is called ‘Holeshot’ which is deeper and more moody than the first, with a muffled vocal and filtered pads and a subtle Detroit influence. Brought to life with just the right amount of textured effects and randomness, the track is a perfect example of Tech House the way it should be.

Third on the EP is the Oli Furness remix of ‘Losing Control’ and with additional vocals, plus a more prominent use of the originals lead synth, he makes the track very much his own. Manipulating the vocals to build tension, his remake has an added pressure that is offset by a dramatic piano stab, which hits on an unusual off beat to give his remix a distinctively individual sound.


1. Losing Control
2. Holeshot
3. Losing Control (Oli Furness Remix)

Release Date: 5th September 2016