Anie Tera revisits 'Bocalinda' with a remix from Orlando Voorn


Anie Tera revisits 'Bocalinda' with a remix from Orlando Voorn

Forevergreen FM look to label boss, Anie Tera who bestows its canonical dirty sound, on the next release on the imprint 'Bocalinda'. It's simply house cuts and techno rhythms, on a non compromised release and breaks the softness sound of previous releases.

The release reflects two different club's attitudes; first one is more funky, a Live version signed by Anie Tera, edited from an old performance of 2007, represents a warm and static sound.

'Bocalinda' (Live Edit) has many of the hallmarks of Romanian House - vocals from the past, big sub-bass, a stop-start beat and, most importantly, a rolling groove. This Few sound elements confirm that Anie Tera's ability is to synthesize in taking the essential of house music.

While the work of rebuilding 'Bocalinda' has been entrusted to one of the founding fathers of techno, Orlando Voorn. There is the touch of the techno pioneer that offers a chaplet of pummeling kicks in 4/4, producing percussive rhythms over the original modular bassline and up unintelligible vocal, offering a solid groove to the original


1. Anie Tera - Bocalinda (Live Edit)
2. Anie Tera - Bocalinda (Orlando Voorn Remix)

Release Date: 20th November 2015