Anthony Parasole releases 'My Block' EP on Ostgut Ton label


Anthony Parasole releases 'My Block' EP on Ostgut Ton label

Anthony Parasole should need no introduction to newer or longer-standing denizens of the New York Deep House and Techno scenes. A longtime employee of halcyon, friend of Levon Vincent and partner in Deconstruct Music, and a prominent figure with the underground house and Techno resurgence of NYC, Anthony’s acute selections won our ears right away, and he hasn't let go since.

The producer and The Corner label owner Anthony Parasole makes his debut on 10 November 2014 with Germany's Ostgut Ton label with three new, percussion-heavy techno tracks on the 'My Block' EP.

Anthony Parassole, while in Berlin spoke about his forthcoming release on Ostgut Ton and his thoughts behind the process - "Percussive music, is because my foundation but this feeling of tribalism I'm missing today in Technopark. I have used many different drum techniques in recent years, and they brought with Techno apply. Those Quickstrike'-plate, which I published on my label The Corner, was an edit of an old sample-based house tracks. For me it was a test of whether people would be attracted by this sound, and it became the biggest-The Corner publication. Two tracks on my Ostgut Ton-EP work the same way: In, Typhoon 'there are bongos, congas, all kinds of fur-based percussion.

My Block 'uses a different kind of percussive timbre. Hip Hop in General and cut-up in particular were also a great inspiration for me as a producer. During the 90s music seemed very profound - and also a bit harder. I heard a lot of hip-hop while working on this release, and turned his methods on my own music. Many producers of that time were very forward thinking.

RZA from Wu-Tang Clan used a six-tenths-listing the opened my eyes to make function this hypnotic techno sound in a format. Another big influence was Horror movie trailers of the late 70s. Of that I looked a lot at, as in the studio, Bizarre 'worked - I wanted the ghostly sounds and structures of these short film clips, Bizarre' capture. I work within certain parameters, each of my new samples I throw in my personal folder - all my So music has approximately 50 to 60 percent in common. Maybe I use the same drum kit or even the same kick drum.

I collectio Limit itself, but because I can do my own voice. When I first started producing, Levon Vincent taught me to build my very own drum kit or Synth Kit - and then work within that system. Sample-based music is inspiring and create something out of found sounds, I find very interesting. A musical sound palette is always refine your own style and abilities."

Anthony had a breakout year in 2012 with his track “ TYSON" featured on the highly acclaimed Fabric 63 mixed by Levon Vincent also the Launch of his new label The Corner COR-01 "Tri-State" by Dj Qu & Nor'Easter sold out worldwide and then released "Atlantic Ave" by Anthony Parasole & Phil Moffa to highly critically acclaimed reviews on multiple online magazines in 2012.

Then in 2013 seen the fast rise of The Corner in techno dominance as the releases came out each with high anticipation and highly recommended reviews to each release that resulted with The Corner landing on many year end lists including Resident Advisor’s top labels of the year ranked at number 8.