Astvaldur releases 'Bound To Guess' E.P on Blaq Records


Astvaldur releases 'Bound To Guess' E.P on Blaq Records

Blaq Records is proud to present the second release from amazing young artist Astvaldur, with his 'Bound to Guess' EP is made up of three original tracks and a remix from long time friend DEKJ.

Already having released his debut EP 'Vio' on the sister netlabel 'Blaqnet' during the spring of 2015, this was a introduction to this young producer's sound. The EP is highly influenced by the Berlin winter, which is surprisingly similar to an Icelandic one.

'Bound To Guess' offers a dramatic pads with strong injections of polyrhythmic percussion, an eerie contrast that builds atmospheric floating soundscape with steady rhythms rumbling underneath.

'Fluctuation' takes on the underground vibes oozing always with a touch of darkness and outside of trends, full of tender and unique glitches.

'Swallowed' is a very deep track with some great deep atmospheric melody that matches a nice deep and dark mood.

While DEKJ subdues 'Swallowed' into a wallowing, weeping willow of a cut, starkly different from the original, yet with some recognisable source material intact.


01. Bound To Guess
02. Fluctuation
03. Swallowed
04. Swallowed (DEKJ Remix)

Release Date: 21st September 2015.