AYCB bring onboard NYC's Klienfeld with his CNTRL E.P


AYCB bring onboard NYC's Klienfeld with his CNTRL E.P

Berlin based Techno/Electro label AYCB (All You Can Beat) bring onboard Brooklyn/NYC based DJ/Producer - Klienfeld creating his own style of warehouse House/Techno that in essence is gritty with a real underground feel.

The release overall is an outstanding slab of techno, delicately handled, hypnotic and something that's reminiscent of the early 90's, with touches of rawness and full of influential crossover. Each track has been carefully constructed

'CMD' starts the release with a smooth blend of deep bass lines combined with an array of high hats and synth lines.

'ALT' gives that feeling of a hypnotic mental and with a fiery soul, this track makes you face this journey with mounting interest

While 'CNTRL' has the feeling of a true old skool techno track some that you would hear in the early 90's in a warehouse or dark small club. Presenting a barrage of dark beats.

The release is finished off with 'WRHS TL 1' a display of organic sounds and rhythm where a powerful bass line dominates our own heartbeats. There are no hard kicks, although not missed; all those in attendance at the floor are on their toes.


1. CMD
2. ALT
4. WRHS TL 1

Release Date: 4th May 2014