Ayeko Records presents 'Dishwasher' from Swiss producer Matthew Square


Ayeko Records presents 'Dishwasher' from Swiss producer Matthew Square

Ayeko Records presents 'Dishwasher' the imprint's seventeenth release, delivered by talented producer Matthew Square from Lausanne, on the shores of Lake Geneva. The release offers up three original cuts for all you Deep House lovers.

Rocked by funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, house and techno, Matthew Square is an artist with eclectic selections. He knows how to appreciate music and approach it in a respectful way. He's always trying to make it accessible to everyone, so that everyone can enjoy it at its fair and real value.

'Keeping into the Vibe', kicks off the release with a wonderful pulsing kick-drum, smooth vocals, a catchy synth-line which builds up to a melodic house cut.

'Haze Round in the Hood' with it's laidback beats, snappy high-hats, infectious swirling vocals and it's off kilter synth-lines is a real cool cut track, one for a Sunday afternoon in the sun.

'Thirsty' is the standout track from the E.P - full of funk, with a straight 4/4 drum format throughout while infectious bass hooks, jangling percussion and stunning pan melodies instil an ever unfolding track.

Yet another powerful release on Ayeko Records, always ready to make you discover producers full of surprises and quality sounds.


1. Matthew Square - Keep Into The Vibe (Original Mix)
2. Matthew Square - Hazy Round In The Hood (Original Mix)
3. Matthew Square - Thirsty (Original Mix)

Release Date: 15th June 2015.