B.K.R. releases the Techno infused 'Fandango' via WhistleBlower


B.K.R. releases the Techno infused 'Fandango' via WhistleBlower

UK’s South Coast based imprint Whistleblower, drop a Techno infused bomb from B.K.R. with the four tracker 'Fandango' - featured on the release is a remix from one of the label boss's Reset Robot.

The first of the three original tracks is ‘Fandango’ which starts with phazy pads and a rave influenced vocal sample washed in delay. Warm and uplifting, it’s not long before the fast flowing percussion takes over and the track builds in intensity. Very much a game of two halves, after the break the pads plus vocal are stripped back and a tribal groove takes hold.

Taking things up a gear is the Techno focused second track titled ‘Bazaar.’ With the ripple of a twisted bass line that has just a touch of acid and a looped groove, it’s both fast and furious. Filled with the drama of muffled vocals and crunching percussion the track is a dancefloor focused monster set to take no prisoners.

‘Artic’ is the third track and final original track that's up-tempo with a medley of textures and contrasting sounds. Don’t be fooled by the tracks percussion lead intro and ambience of the pads, as things take a rather unexpected turn with the development of the sinister lead synth. Fusing menacing intent with shimmering bliss, the track is arguably a masterclass in music production.

Finishing off the release is the Reset Robot remix of ‘Fandango’ centred around the originals vocal, it includes new pads and a more spacious mix. Adding a DJ friendly intro to match the rolling grove of the bass line this toughened rework refines the originals dancefloor appeal and the added pads coupled with held chords give the track a new depth and mood.


01. Fandango
02. Bazaar
03. Artic
04. Fandango (Reset Robot Remix)

Release Date:15th August 2016.