Bade Records returns with DkA's 'Mind Looped' remixes EP


Bade Records returns with DkA's 'Mind Looped' remixes EP

UK based imprint Bade Records returns this February with remixes of DkA’s 'Mind Looped' EP. Following on from the success of DkA’s ‘Mind Looped’ EP, Bade Records have teamed up with Igor Vicente, Jägerverb and Cocolores to deliver three distinct takes on the original tracks.

Veteran producer - Igor Vicente delivers a deep, driving take on the original ’Sonar’. Spanning over eight minutes, Igor’s remix is cerebral yet assured, and is sure to be given some serious airtime in clubs around the world.

Rising talent Jägerverb, showcases his trademark sound on his remix of ‘Mind Looped’, although focused around the original’s hypnotic lead, demonstrates his early electro influences.

London-based duo Cocolores have delivered a unique epic, they have crafted an experimental electronica trip. Spanning nearly 10 minutes, this track will certainly change the mood of the club.


1. Sonar (Igor Vicente Eternary Remix)
2. Mind Looped (Jägerverb Remix)
3. Mind Looped (Cocolores Remix)

Release Date: 8th February 2016.