Ballroom Records presents 'Written Future' EP from Berlin's Josh Vox


Ballroom Records presents 'Written Future' EP from Berlin's Josh Vox

Ballroom Records look to a new talent - Josh Vox for the imprints next release 'Written Future' E.P - hailing from Berlin is one of the brightest stars of Ballroom Agency.

His understanding of techno was so much different, of what label bosses, Kaiser Souzai, are used to hearing. A wall of sound ever changing colours, brightest synth waves collaborate with dark moving bass drums and rhythms.

The opening track 'Blumen Der Verzweiflung' is driven by percussive rhythms whilst boasting infectious melodic loops, the intricate percussion beats and acid sweeps give a darker side deep bass-lines and sub-frequency melodies.

'Subsonic Disruption' is a blistering melodic and demolishing groove that builds and breaks but never lets go. Machined percussion and tonal beats carve their way through an arena-sized rabbit hole with detail and dimension.

'Unseen Wound' is a complete contrast, more subtle in nature but retaining that driving edge, a hypnotic and resonating Techno track.

'Tattooed Angel' completes the release on a calmer note, driven by stabs and a great vocal sample, taking a deep approach with the use of filters, delays and reverbs delivering thick and rich track.

"My love for electronic music started more than a decade ago when my best friend introduced me to the wonderful world of musical production. It rapidly became a hobby and I have been forging my own taste and musical character ever since. Often a mixture of daring and touching melodies furnished by relatively hard techno beats, my tracks are influenced by many styles. The fact that I have lived in many places like Amsterdam, Montreal and Berlin where electronic music became a big thing, plays a major role in this diversity." says Josh

To finalise this first round of Josh's work, Ballroom Records will also release a full 4 racker remix E.P, remixes include label honchos Kaiser Souzai, Clint Steward, Seb Legrand and Lars Huismann.


1. Blumen Der Verzweiflung (Original Mix)
2. Subsonic Disruption (Original Mix)
3. Unseen Wound (Original Mix)
4. Tattooed Angel (Original Mix)

Release Date: 1st June 2015 - available from