Barcelona's Diffuse Reality release the double headed vinyl only 'Introduct


Barcelona's Diffuse Reality release the double headed vinyl only 'Introduct

The first release from the newly created imprint Diffuse Reality Records is a double header vinyl only release, from Ben Gibson (UK) and Rodrigo Garcia (ARG) title 'Introduction_' exploring the depths of mechanical Techno.

Diffuse Reality Records is a new project with Argentinian roots based in Barcelona, Spain. A proposal with the clear goal to offer variants to the scene. A careful selection of artists who hide behind the banner of mechanical Techno with dark tints and abstract landscapes.

The first release contains two originals from Ben Gibson (UK) and Rodrigo Garcia (ARG) with two remixes from established bastens of the Techno world, Sunil Sharpe and Myk Derill.

The opening track on the release, 'Shirahata' from the young British producer Ben Gibson - is a minimalist cut, bordering closely to the early Detroit style, with a strong yet hypnotic sequence that reminds us of the influence still apparent from the early innovators. It's a close take on the classic "L9" by Jeff Mills.

The rework by Sunil Sharpe, shines a different light on the original - broadening the spectrum with a more deep dark take, with it's squelching bassline, sharp changes in direction, held with overlaid samples, and sharp high-hats. A complete contrast from the original track.

Rodrigo Garcia's original track 'Muntatge', is a relentless piece of techno with a powerful bass that seems to be doubled up, giving way to a sleek acid line. It's quite simply unyieldingly dark techno.

While to complete the release German producer Myk Derill takes 'Muntatge' giving it a slower and more atmospheric approach than the original, keeping those low redoubled and darker than the original Argentines sequences.

D.R.R. practices sequential speeches that start from ethereal particles, fruit of sound research. It's nourished by allies producers who analyze the frequencies with rigor and depth. The time has come to leave the bunker - located somewhere in an underground basement in Barcelona - and bring to the surface the result...


1. Ben Gibson - Shirahata
2. Ben Gibson - Shirahata (Sunil Sharpe remix)
3. Rodrigo Garcia - muntatge
4. Rodrigo Garcia - muntatge (Myk Derill remix)

Release Date: 1st June 2015.