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Beat.imprint - Beat.imprint

Beat.imprint have a 12’ self-titled EP that is is heavy in bass and feedback, holding true to the roots of beat.imprint. Texture and tone are of utmost importance in these songs, easily capturing the confused mood of late nights and early mornings with guitar and drum machines that sing with equal importance.

The four tracks on the release, all related to each other, explore and reexamine a central sonic theme. Modulating the tone and texture they each allow different ways of approaching the same destination.

The closing song RSKREVERSEDRAG (COHG edit) is a reworking by beat.imprint member John Gomi’s alter-ego City of Hungry Ghosts, whose 'Pills and Polaroids' EP is being released concurrently with beat.imprint.

Beat.imprint members Skye Ashbrook and John Gomi have been creating music and art under the name beat.imprint for over 20 years.

They have explored dance music and experimental music with equal intensity, combining styles and eschewing genres. They work with beats, bass, and space with influences ranging from Kraftwerk to John Coltraneby way of My Bloody Valentine meets DJ Screw. Beat Imprint owes as much to hip hop as to drone, creating cinematic musical experiences that make you think as well as make you dance.


Beat.imprint - 5.31 RSK
Beat.imprint - BESUXO2
Beat.imprint - RSKREVERSEDRAG (COHG Edit)

Release Date: 18th October 2016