Bedrud & ASK:ME are back with 'My Beat' upfront four to the floor


Bedrud & ASK:ME are back with 'My Beat' upfront four to the floor

Bedrud & ASK:ME are back with another great tune. This time around, they bring their deep vibes with the track, 'My Beat', it's upfront four to the floor.

Previously known for their pretty deep sounds with 'Thai Break', which was track of the week at DMC World Magazine or 'Persian Carpet', they present this saucy little number, with two versions in tow.

First, is the 'Original' which at it's core is a straight-forward four bar beat, with sweeping synths, house piano samples and the sampled vocal 'Dance to my Beat'. It's a classic house take with some nice drops and breaks to follow suit.

We then are taken to the 'Dub Version' - which has a more meaningful drive, starting with congo's which continue throughout the track, then drops the High-Hats with a warm synth effect. That's when it really kicks in, this is surely to an absolute smash, real driving four to the floor Deep House with a purpose.

A great set of tracks to return with after this winter, looking forward to spring with all the open air and festivals to start. Hoping for massive support during WMC 2015. So, dance to their beat!


1. My Beat (Original Mix)
2. My Beat (Dub Version)

Release Date: 27th March 2015 via Rotfenstermusik