Belgian duo Sue Avenue drop melodic and soulful sounds on 'Same Same' EP


Belgian duo Sue Avenue drop melodic and soulful sounds on 'Same Same' EP

Belgium based imprint, Lany Recordings presents a world exclusive first release from young Belgian duo Sue Avenue, with their melodic and soulful timeless sound on the 'Same Same' EP. Along with the three original tracks produced by Sue Avenue there is also a stunning remix pack featuring separate remixes from both Stavroz and Larse.

The lead track titled ‘Same Same’ is laid back House with a softly sung and hauntingly beautiful female vocal. Low slung with a jazz influence, it’s got a distinctly natural groove lead by the recoded bass and guitar. Sitting somewhere between Lounge music and Deep House it’s a distinctively individual and versatile track.

Stavroz strips back the original to its core elements before adding a recorded piano and live percussion. Their remix is a deep and atmospheric work of art with Balearic appeal, perfect for an Ibiza sun set.

Larse remix of 'Same Same' keeps the original's vocal, adding a Jamaican style steel drum sample and his own melody synth. Epic and mysterious his Deep House remix contrasts nicely with the other two versions.

Second of the original tracks is ‘Blossom’ and unlike Same Same it’s focused exclusively round drum machines and sequenced synth parts. The smooth sounds and a cosmic funk blend perfectly with up-tempo rhythms to create a slice of timeless House that has both energy and soul.

The fifth and final track on the release is ‘Homeless’ which takes its title from the lyrical content of the sampled vocal. Many would say that Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters is untouchable because of its iconic sound that has influenced electronic music for decades, but with care and attention Sue Avenue have done the impossible and made it their own.


1. Sue Avenue - Same Same (Original Mix)
2. Sue Avenue - Same Same (Stavroz Remix)
3. Sue Avenue - Same Same (Larse Remix)
4. Sue Avenue - Blossom (Original Mix) - Vinyl Only
5. Sue Avenue - Homeless (Original Mix) - Digital Only

Release Date: 14th December 2015