Berlin underground Techno duo Sub Dealers release their 11th E.P 'Special M


Berlin underground Techno duo Sub Dealers release their 11th E.P 'Special M

While working on their forthcoming debut full-length album, the Berlin underground techno duo Sub Dealers release their 11th EP "Special Monster". This 12" contains four tracks, the title track original plus three outstanding remixes.

Starting with "Special Monster" original version, one is immediately confronted with the unmistakable, biting energy that has become a trademark of the Sub Dealers infectious sound. The hypnotic voice layover allows for a slightly sinister aspect to successfully weave through the otherwise beautifully simple yet driving rhythm. You'll have the tambourine effect in your head for hours...

Australian DJ, producer and IF? Records owner Sebastian Bayne lends his remixing skills as well as DJ Mad Max himself (one half of Sub Dealers), both stripping the track to more bare terrains of purist, more minimalist techno, reducing the BPM slightly and inserting counter-rhythms that induce rave-like qualities.

The daring twist of the techno screw is provided by Spanish DJ and producer Miki Craven, who takes the track to spacial, extraterrestrial territories, injecting both a striking, persistent high-hat treatment and a delicious bassline that quite simply mesmerize the listener.

"Special Monster" will perhaps not introduce you to brand new techno realms but will undoubtedly corrupt the ones you are used to. And now for the impatient wait for the first Sub Dealers full album coming soon...


1. Special Monster
2. Special Monster (Miki Craven remix)
3. Special Monster (Sebastian Bayne remix)
4. Special Monster (Mad Max remix)

Release Date: 3rd April 2015