Biotech Patagonia - Natura EP [Dilek]

Melodic Techno

Biotech Patagonia - Natura EP [Dilek]

Biotech Patagonia bring their melodic style and a unique take on electronic music to Swiss label Dilek with the Natura EP including a remix from UNER. Creative equals, the members of Biotech Patagonia have complimenting skills, and this is the duo's debut release of original material.

Natura opens the release with a slow building structure full of analogue warmth. Its stripped back sound with synth parts washed in delay gives the track a cosmic feel.

For the second track UNER and Viviana Toscanini remix Natura - start by adding an exquisite piano that’s brings a poignant mood to the original's stellar design. Beautiful and ambient but without forgetting about the dance floor, this intricate rework is simply stunning.

Shadows which appropriately titled, had a dark and brooding undertone with glistening synths that skim across its surface, but it’s the introverted vocal which really adds the personality to this haunting cut.

Genesis is fourth on the release and with pulsating bass tones the track brings focus to the lead vocal, which compliments the mood of the dramatic melody synths. Highly conceptual and a full embodiment of the term epic, this mammoth track is a real attention grabber.

Finishing things is Whispers which is an intricate call and response between the bass and melody. Minimal in many senses, but still falling under the header of melodic techno, this track could for many be one of the highlights on the EP.


1. Natura
2. Natura (UNER & Viviana Toscanini Remix)
3. Shadows
4. Genesis
5. Whispers

Release Date: 7th December 2018