Black Girl / White Girl - Intergalactic EP [Flashmob Records]


Black Girl / White Girl - Intergalactic EP [Flashmob Records]

Continuing to breathe fresh life into the underground house scene Amsterdam duo Black Girl / White Girl return with their latest release 'Intergalactic' on the influential Flashmob Records.

Black Girl / White Girl waste no time setting the pace on the dark and raw 'Levitate', expertly balancing both trippy techno soundscapes and pounding 4/4 house grooves.

'Body Heat' rounds out the package by laying the focus on its hypnotic qualities via a positively devastating groove. An elongated breakdown opens the filters out, making way for an enigmatic synth lead before wrapping up a release that sets the duo’s best foot forward whilst demonstrating a pair firmly on their ascent.


1. Levitate (Original Mix)
2. Body Heat (Original Mix)

Release Date: 9th December 2016