Black Girl / White Girl - While Tripping EP [Psycho Disco!]


Black Girl / White Girl - While Tripping EP [Psycho Disco!]

Black Girl / White Girl debut on Psycho Disco! with two refined house bombs on the While Tripping EP - the production duo has showed promise from the start - now taking things to the next level.

Soaring floor-filler Crispy Tooth is a lush slab of fast-paced tech with ample elements of both house and minimal, most notable in its tremendously deep bassline, oscillating melodies, whiplash percussion and a vocal that gets under your skin, demanding repeat listens all the way.

Underlining the two producers’ cosmic, tripped-out style while highlighting their ability to transcend genre boundaries, Rave Slang is a standout house record. Running on a pinpoint groove that’s both easy-going and stripped down, it exhibits many familiar Black Girl / White Girl traits: brawny kicks, snaking bass, mind-bending vocals and brooding synth sequences.


1. Crispy Tooth (Original Mix)
2. Rave Slang (Original Mix)

Release Date: 30th November 2018.