Bolumar is back with the exquisite 'Poise' EP on Act Natural Records


Bolumar is back with the exquisite 'Poise' EP on Act Natural Records

Bolumar is back with an exquisite four track composition on London based Act Natural Records - His 'Poise' EP is indeed an elegant, balanced release, showcasing Bolumar’s excellent production skills and his ability to morph minimal elements into full, expressive and exciting tunes.

The EP begins with 'Poise' featuring talented Thomas Gandey, with an infectious rhythm with groovy samples, a great minimal track which showcases both Thomas and Bolumar’s great knowledge and intuition when it comes to composing, as the synths and vocals blend perfectly together and the percussion leads the way.

The second track, 'Sabeth Swing', follows seamlessly and keeps the delayed synths which will be present throughout the EP, offering a certain kind of spacey feel as the analog and tech sounds alternate.

The pace changes to a faster rhythm, as 'EvoO 000' unfolds with its titillating vocals and funky synths, only to slow again with 'Es Vedra Sunset', a beautiful atmospheric track which perfectly concludes the release.

The release has already gained support from Rekids' label boss Radio Slave and Nils Weimann (Subtil Records) and will launch in early October on vinyl and on a later date on digital.


1. Poise
2. Sabeth Swing
3. EvoO 000
4. Es Vedra Sunset

Release Date: 9th November 2015.