Bonanza Records release Moasek with 'No Excuses​' EP


Bonanza Records release Moasek with 'No Excuses​' EP

Los Angeles based imprint Bonanza Records seems to have a habit on failing new talent! Having featured on the recent 'Showdown Vol 1' Compilation with the track 'D100' - Italian newcomer - Moasek joins the imprint with this new three-tracker 'No Excuses' EP. 

Bringing a soiree of funk and grooves to the release with it's opening track 'D2000' flexes its four-on-the-floor muscles with sustained bass-lines and a mid-range that only gets more intense as the track continues.

'DT4000' has an emphasis on 'Funk' a track that reprimands the listener for grooving to its punchy kick drums beneath pitched melodies and effects that whimsically slide up and down the scale.

While closing the release 'No Excuses' takes a deeper look within and delivers depth of sound and expression in a straight-forward four/four house track.

This release is guaranteed to get you hooked on the essential sounds of this young talent.


1. Moasek - D2000 
2. Moasek - DT4000
3. Moasek - No Excuses

Release Date: 28th November 2016