Boqsia Berner releases 'Move & Jack' E.P via ONOFF Recordings


Boqsia Berner releases 'Move & Jack' E.P via ONOFF Recordings

Boqsia Berner drops her latest creation 'Move & Jack' E.P on the Spanish imprint ONOFF Recordings - two tracks that of a unique mixture of charismatic tech-house and minimal techno.

'Move' is a track that's full of mystique, melody and eccentric basslines that carries her multilayered sound throughout creating an atmospheric track.

'Jack' takes an off kilter beat, winding up to a melodic composition, fusing elements techno and electronica and stripping things back to focus on the spaces between the sound.

From an early age, Boqsia has been fascinated with electronic music, her obsession turned to the decks. She started her artistic activity in 2004. She then played under DJ Lady B moniker. Two years later she started to make her own music and play as a live act. In 2007, she released her first EP for the Polish label Kicksomatic.


1. Move
2. Jack

Release Date: 29th September 2015.