​Brid & Snyder release 'It's Fall' EP on Society 3.0 Recordings

Deep House

​Brid & Snyder release 'It's Fall' EP on Society 3.0 Recordings

Brid & Snyder are the producers behind the latest, exciting Society 3.0 Recordings release - “It’s Fall” EP comes as a tow track package with an equally engaging B-Side, titled “This Is True”.

The A-Side of this release is a deep house track that defies the genre’s cliches and goes for a more experimental and textural tones. There are so many interesting modulation filters and vocal experimentations, as well as an amazing progressive build up that adds more texture and tone to this song, going for a truly special approach to production.

The second song on the playlist, “This is True” definitely has got a more classic approach, with some amazing world class sounds. The sweet, deep and rich sound is what makes the song to you, and the synth chords also add lots of textures and detail to the track, making for a truly authentic listening experience each step of the way.


01. It's Fall (Original Mix)
02. This Is True (Original Mix)

Release Date: 27th January 2017