Burgeoning duo Black Girl/White Girl debut on Nervous Records


Burgeoning duo Black Girl/White Girl debut on Nervous Records

The burgeoning duo Black Girl/White Girl deliver their debut offering on Nervous Records with ‘Don't Stop / Got To Release’, an E.P encompassing two club ready house rollers from the Dutch/Israeli pairing.

Making their first appearance on Nervous Records, the young producers are following up their single ‘Obelisk’ – a belter of a tune that appeared on Madtech Records’ Ibiza 02 compilation last May.

With their debut release Black Girl/White Girl turn in a multifaceted package peppered with tight, low-slung grooves, hard-hitting basslines and hypnotic melodies.

An instant floor filler, ‘Don’t Stop’ kicks things off with a tight, Chicago sounding groove underpinned by an enigmatic sequence, before a thick, sub-shattering bass creeps into the mix. Gritty, no-nonsense drum beats propel the impeccable vocal chops ahead of a brooding breakdown which drifts effortlessly into a magnificent burst of whirring synths, tumbling the track into a summer heater that lays down deep, bass beats and packs a serious punch.

The hefty, House cut ‘Got To Release’ follows and tips the focus over to staggered drum lines, sparse bass tones and dark and dusky synth bursts and stabs, while nifty vocal licks instill a hypnotic feel and pulsating sway to the composition.

‘Don't Stop / Got To Release’ is an emphatic statement of things to come from this unusual pairing of musical prowess.

These tracks are primed and ready to make waves on the dancefloor and propel the duo as one of the most exciting, fresh-faced forces of house music bubbling up right now.


1. Don't Stop
2. Got to Release

Release Date: 8th June 2015.