BuRu - Crows EP [Konstuktiv]


BuRu - Crows EP [Konstuktiv]

Dynamic Berlin Techno imprint Konstuktiv makes a welcome return with release number 24. This time from BuRu - hailing from Tampere, Finland. Their third release on the imprint sees the 'Crows' EP - bring four original cuts of raw underground Techno including a remix from label boss Rekord 61.

The opener Crows pounds your chest with from the initial saturated bass drum and hypnotic sequences and doesn’t let up making it a journey deep into the darkest corners of the warehouse.

Konstruktiv label boss Rekord 61 flips Crows upside down with a mature, melodic, and spatial remix combining musical elements from the original and making it well and truly his own.

Maelstrom and Clear of Clouds both stray away from the often over used four to the four techno drums and uses a different drum grooves to magical affect. Maelstrom is relentless rave madness!

Rounding out the EP is Decay & Turmoil and returns to the down the line four to floor style techno propelling the track forward with industrial sounds and a grooving percussion.


BuRu - Crows (Original Mix)
BuRu - Crows (Rekord 61 remix)
BuRu - Maelstrom (Original Mix)
BuRu - Clear Of Clouds (Original Mix)
BuRu - Decay & Turmoil (Original Mix)

Release Date: 6th February 2017.