BuRu drop their technoid 'Kinetic Memory' EP


BuRu drop their technoid 'Kinetic Memory' EP

After a recent remix of Nauruan Stranger, BuRu make a welcome return to Berlin based Techno imprint - Konstruktiv - the brotherly duo drop their 'Kinetic Memory' EP full of technoid goodness with remixes from Rekord 61 and Kitkatone.

The bar is set high from the start of the release inception with 'Shenanigans' taking in the industrial sirens, subsiding into gravelous bassline with the track rolling out confidently.

Label boss Rekord 61 adds a layer of sub-aquatic depth with his remix while keeping the stress levels safely cranked up.

'Kinetic Memory' follows up, grinding dancers down with brutal drums while a playful melody teases from within the safety of its frequency range.

Fellow Finn and ARTS regular Kitkatone sheds the phat in favour of a minimal approach for the first half of his rework of 'Kinetic Memory', before deciding to let his trance influences shine through, layering synths and just about crossing the euphoric frontier.

The release comes to a close with 'Obzkura' with a syncopated note with a charcoal-tainted drum machine driven workout.


1. Shenanigans
2. Shenanigans (Rekord 61 remix)
3. Kinetic Memory
4. Kinetic Memory (Kitkatone remix)
5. Obzkura

Release Date: 7th December 2015.