Caduceus Empirical notches a sublime sixth release from Leman & Dieckmann


Caduceus Empirical notches a sublime sixth release from Leman & Dieckmann

Caduceus Records sub label, Caduceus Empirical, now notches up a sublime sixth release with a new EP from Danish duo Leman & Dieckmann. Prolific producer and Poker Flat, Supplement Facts and Factor City associate David Durango completes the package with a top remix.

Leman & Dieckmann is the highly talented and creative Copenhagen based DJ and production duo who, when not behind the decks or in the studio, run Danish vinyl label Kompliké and co-own the deep house imprint Gartenhaus. They also release their considered sounds on labels including Baile Musik, dantze, AMAM and Connaisseur.

Up first, the excellent ‘Stomp’ is a heady brew of deep house drums, intricate little percussive patterns and rich sound design. With sombre blasts of bass and plenty of DIY sounds, it really sucks you in to its warm and humid heart. ‘Mayham’ is another loose limbed jumble of drum hits, cowbell tinkles and gloopy synths. Deep and elastic, engaging and produced with real soul, it is a subtly absorbing number.

Then comes the hard hitting but just as deep ‘Traume’ with its rolling rubber kicks, soft shakers, dry hi hats and bobbling sense of groove. Perfect for those late night back rooms, it is another masterfully crafted track that does a lot with a little. Last original ‘Light’ confirms Leman & Dieckmann to be hugely accomplished producers who can really nail a feathery light yet resonant sense of groove with real aplomb.

Guest remixer, David Durango, a Lausanne based DJ and producer, then throws down his own rolling, euphoric take on EP opener ’Stomp’ and rounds off the package in mesmeric style.

As such, this small but perfectly formed sub label is on to another winning release here.


1. Stomp
2. Mayham
3. Traume
4. Light
5. Stomp (David Durango remix)