Caduceus Empirical release Gerome Sportelli's absolutely blinding 'Ritual'


Caduceus Empirical release Gerome Sportelli's absolutely blinding 'Ritual'

Swiss label Caduceus Empirical release the absolutely blinding 'Ritual' EP from Belgium born Gerome Sportelli produced with emotions, which manifest themselves as a presence of mind, and with a peace of mind.

Harmonising and blending early acid house with a taste of new age world melodies, the title track ‘Ritual’ sets the pace for what’s to come – a fast-paced, warm bass, marked by atmospheric chords that echo their way through the African tribal drums and claps.

Where will it take you? Let Gerome lead the way. The EP begins to unfold as ‘Akkadia’ sets off with a synth-driven, acidic bassline.

‘Snow In Hawaii’ is worked through by Gerome’s interconnected vision and love for modern digital and bronze-age analogue.

The EP then takes a turn, away from the snow to the warm sounds of spring: ‘Tenbosh’ has been derived from numerous field recordings of laughter and chatter, there’s nothing outrageous involved, and this (almost) end slowly allows the colour to slip away.

A remix by Ladislav follows, a hard-hitting techno reshape by the Swiss producer and Caduceus label boss. What will it sound like – let the suspense build, and the rituals continue? When hypnotic acid becomes interlocked with minimal beat, the sound becomes the evolution of Gerome’s career.

‘Rituals’ is a creation, produced from years of development for Gerome Sportelli, let him lead the way...


1. Ritual
2. Akkadia
3. Snow In Hawaii
4. Tenbosh
5. Ritual (Ladislav remix)

Release Date: 30th March 2015 on Caduceus Empirical