Callum Plant drops his emphatic 'ZHXH' E.P via DEAD CERT. Records


Callum Plant drops his emphatic 'ZHXH' E.P via DEAD CERT. Records

Making a return to the DEAD CERT. Records imprint, Callum Plant dropping his emphatic 'ZHXH' E.P, pushing the boundaries of Dark Techno with two original tracks along with two separate remixes from Rommek and XHEI.

The Manchester (UK) based Techno producer Callum Plant first made an appearance on DEAD CERT. Records in 2014 when he collaborated with Carlo Ribeiro on a track titled 'Demand'. It was a big hit picking up support from Luigi Madonna who played it in his mix for Hans Bouffmyhre’s podcast series linked to his label Sleaze Records.

The first original track titled "Zhode" begins this fiery package, straight into a raw beat with crunching hats and drums heavy enough to break concrete. Its moody atmosphere is brought to life by sweeping industrial sounds that scrape through the mix like a metal bar being dragged over a stone floor.

Rommek picks up the remix of 'Zhode' lifting the BPM to add forward momentum and increase the energy. Keeping the originals dark and industrial sounds he strips back some of the drums to create space and increase the dark atmosphere already present in the original. Tough and hypnotic his remix has all the originals charm, but added menace and intensity.

Track three titled "Xhang" is the second of Callum’s original tracks. With a shuffling groove and reduced tempo, the track is less energetic than his first on the EP but just as intense. Thick with grit this dirty beast of a roller is heavily focused on broken rhythms and a pounding kick. Like an approaching storm, eerie winds breeze passed your ears and transport your brain to the bleak industrial landscapes of another world, whilst monstrous sounds create nervous excitement of the unknown.

The last track is XHEI’s remix of Xhang and he steps up the energy by throwing away the originals broken rhythm, which he replaces with a pulsating bass line to create a straight down the line rolling groove. Taking no prisoners it has all of the originals industrial appeal but a high octane increased tempo, which makes it perfectly suited to peak time DJ sets.


1. Zhode (Original Mix)
2. Zhode (Rommek Remix)
3. Xhang (Original Mix)
4. Xhang (XHEI Remix)

Release Date: 20th July 2015.