Celebrate with 10 Years Of Kling Klong 'The Future Classics Vol. 1'


Celebrate with 10 Years Of Kling Klong 'The Future Classics Vol. 1'

Kling Klong not only celebrates its 10th birthday with the selections of their biggest selling tracks & remixes but also with the release of two exclusive EP's full of brand new exclusives from promising newcomers and the closest homies.

The first volume comes with two new talents Gellert and Desta, Kling Klong co-owner Rainer Weichhold and greek superstar Vangelis Kostoxenakis, full of attitude and powerful sounds.

Kicking off with a solid percussive tract, ‘Gellert’ is off to a great start with 'Ocho', transcending into a massive ascension, resolving into a bass-heavy drop. Characterised by subby elements, groovy rhythms and an array of distorted synth melodies.

Rainer Weichhold steps into the frame next with his signature dark tones on 'Horizont' - a tasty House inspired beat provides a remarkable rhythmic foundation for the rest on the elements to shine, whilst dreamy instrumentals take over the melodic side of things.

While Vangelis Kostoxenakis offers up 'Last Minute' - mesmerising synth arrangement and percussive beats are introduced, whilst the track gains momentum, adding a new dimension to the production.

Completing the release, newcomer Desta presents 'Rolling' - full of House inspired melodies are added for a soulful feel, whilst deep bass-lines bless the lower end of the frequency spectrum. Desta devises a range of variations of the main sections within his track, creating different vibes and taking full control over dynamic and energy levels.


A1: Gellert ’“ Ocho
A2: Rainer Weichhold ’“ Horizont
B1: Vangelis Kostoxenakis ’“ Last Minute
B2: Desta ’“ Rolling

Release Date: 16th December 2015.