Chicago's Tunnel delves deep with his 'From Within The Cavern' E.P


Chicago's Tunnel delves deep with his 'From Within The Cavern' E.P

Chicago based imprint [We Build Machines] look to label head, Tunnel for the next release presenting a unique crossover between Drone Techno and Deep Techno. This caverness five track E.P has five unique and original tracks that explore uncharted, terrestrial and the depths of Techno.

Each track is themed around the underground exploration of Caves/Caverns with emphasis on the use of proper equipment, training, and terminology to communicate with other members of the expedition.

The release starts with 'Calling' with it's understated menace and melodic chimes, combined with it's thunderous beats, reminding you of German's Lakker, crossing those boundaries creating an intriguing and immersive experience.

'Abseiler' is a complete different contrast with relentless Techno, an unsurpassed beauty, fast kick drums and fizzing, static percussion's, with a continuous monotone note measuring out, a descent or act of lowering oneself down a cliff.

'Descender' meanwhile resorts back a step with a more mechanical approach, with simple effective drum programming and reverberated snares, and a wonderful carefully placed melodic elements, skipping drums also adds an aesthetical quality to compliment the track.

'Ascender' with it's infectious driving bass with subtle variations to the groove and intermittent automation touches to create an epic journey through the ascent.

'Aven' completes the release, with it's atmospheric introduction arising into a deep sub bass line, accompanied with an expansive pad that washes over this caverness number taking things deep and moody at the same time.

Overall the release demonstrates diversity and character which is so distinctive for the [We Build Machines] sound and aesthetics.

1. Calling (Original Mix)
2. Abseiler (Original Mix)
3. Descender (Original Mix)
4. Ascender (Original Mix)
5. Aven (Original Mix)

Release Date: TBC