Classic 91 return with the Dub Techno vibes from CL-ljud with 'Rising'


Classic 91 return with the Dub Techno vibes from CL-ljud with 'Rising'

Classic 91 returns with the first album of Mr. CL- LJUD. CL-LJUD presents an album consisting of six tracks a spectacular launch accompanied by elegant sounds, chords, percussion and effects that lead us elsewhere.

Launching with the slowly building Rising’, the track gradually mutates along bubbling synth lines and ethereal strings but constantly teases by holding back from the precipice. Instantly we find a producer in full control of his sound and brimming with confidence.

‘Press’ at last introduces a beat with swirling keyboard motifs creating a stringent, cosmic feel. Then we are taken back to the dark recesses of the universe as ‘On’ rolls around taut delicate strings and subtle pads before the shimmering stardust of ‘Hollow’ scatters light and warmth across our musical journey.

‘Happy’ carves a deeper furrow, bringing the beat gently back and forth over alien frequencies for ten minutes of spaced-out grooves whilst ‘Dim’ ups the tempo, albeit with a clipped beat and once again, restrained and subtle use of pads and hats.


1. Rising
2. Press
3. On
4. Hollow
5. Happy
6. Dim

Release Date: 29th August 2016