Classic 91 return with 'Wrong Way' EP from trio Javi Alvado, THC & Sana


Classic 91 return with 'Wrong Way' EP from trio Javi Alvado, THC & Sana

Spanish imprint Classic 91 are back with another release 'Wrong Way' EP produced by trio Javi Alvado, THC and Sana Music, it's an elegant Dub affair which has a fresh and tasty sound.

The release includes three original tracks, Wrong Way, Part One and Baechel, three tracks that stand out for their minimalist surround sound with an atomic finish.

'Wrong Way' starts with taut and razor-sharp high-hats, that propel's into deep-dub drum beat, with an underlining throbbing bassline that just develops, the track is then built upon sweeping synth lines and warped vocals. The track evolves into a highly polished metallic production that is just simply minimalistic.

'Part One' starts with a minimal iridescent build up, with both the bass and kick drums falling into a straighter pattern which are backed by further dusty percussion. The sweeping effects and synth effects then kick in accompanied by that signature high-hat that just make this track whole and a constant production.

While, the finish of the release 'Baechel' launches into an array of dub style bass, kick drums and high-hats in one foul swoop, with the trippy vocals. It builds into more of a Techno affair than the other two tracks, but a perfect way to complete the release.


1. Wrong Way
2. Part One
3. Baechel

Release Date: TBC