Clyde Rouge releases 'The Dirty Nobody' EP on Chief Rouge Records


Clyde Rouge releases 'The Dirty Nobody' EP on Chief Rouge Records

Chief Rouge Records the Scottish label known for its stripped back basement house music styling is back with ‘The Dirty Nobody‘ EP from label head Clyde Rouge - three tracks with plenty of heavy dance floor appeal, supplied by the rolling nature of its tribal groove.

Clyde Rouge started his DJ career around 2002. April 2015 saw the launch of his own label Chief Rouge Records based in Scotland, which has had a steady stream of releases since.

'Dirty Nobody' opens with hard industrial, electronic beats that don’t’ give you time to draw a breath. The breakdown is a relief, in a good way, anticipating that hard and deep drive to the exhilarating climax. It’s an entertaining track.

The deep percussion of 'Crazy Nobody' hits you straight in the face whilst you are experiencing a much milder musical journey. It’s an enjoyable track that keeps you on your toes.

'Nobody Boom' has an established Techno vibe from the start and is funky at times, yet hard. You can almost sense that booming sound going through your body on the Techno dance floor. On a Techno DJ set list soon.


Dirty Nobody
Crazy Nobody
Nobody Boom

Release Date: TBC