Codes release 'Bumps' EP on Treasure Fingers' Psycho Disco Records

Indie/Nu Disco

Codes release 'Bumps' EP on Treasure Fingers' Psycho Disco Records

Brooklyn producer Codes is an agent of chaos on his wickedly absurd Bumps EP, out next month on Treasure Fingers' Psycho Disco Records. 

Codes' wonderfully twisted collection of musical oddities begins with the title track, “Bumps”, the first downbeat kicks in around the one-minute mark with the most sinister and spine-tingly low bassline, casting a dark and trippy spell over the dancefloor with this masterfully restrained wo production.

“Boom Bapp” is a warm, woozy production with mischievous beats and time signatures, a steady kick and loopy synths along with trippy vocal samples that Codes describes as "liquid house hip hop jungle vibes". 

Lastly “Bumps” get’s the remix treatment from The Homie, wobbling that original wonky bass into another galaxy.

Codes says of the release, "I've been sending music to and collaborating with Treasure Fingers for a long time now. "Bumps" was actually a completely different track at first. I went back in to do a heavier mix of it and this version was born. I thought it was a bit to hard for what I usually do but after playing it out a few times and seeing what it did in the club I knew I had to find the right home for it. I have a disco house throwback jam with Treasure Fingers that was suppose to be the next Psycho Disco release but he made the call to put this out first after saying how he shared similar experiences as "Bumps" being a highlight tune of his sets.” Perfect timing also considering the EP's deep, ghoulish grooves and trippy, hypnotizing ambiance are perfect for your Halloween set.


1. Codes - Bumps (Original Mix)
2. Codes - Boom Bapps (Original Mix)
3. Codes - Bumps (The Homie Remix)

Release Date: 4th November 2016