Complex Adaptive Systems release mysterious duo of Anulled User and Jii


Complex Adaptive Systems release mysterious duo of Anulled User and Jii

The latest output on Italian based label Complex Adaptive Systems sees them continue their trend for dark punishing Techno started on their first release by the fantastic VSK. On production duties this time is the mysterious duo of Anulled User and Jii@, who only have few previous releases between them.

This 4 track E.P features 3 very different slices of Techno from the pair, ranging from the deep rolling beast of opener Complex mix to the lush, almost ethereal sounding Adaptive mix. Also included is the System mix, a perfect tool to transition from the deeper side of techno to its more percussive brethren.

The highlight of this EP however has to be the remix by one half of UK Techno mainstays Forward Strategy Group, Patrick Walker. Walker takes the aforementioned system mix and twists it into an entirely different beast, with relentless drums and percussion providing the backdrop for a synth line that can only be described as “mental”.

These tunes are sure to begin cropping up in the tracklists of those DJ’s who always seem to be constantly ahead of the curve and with good reason; we can’t wait to hear more from this pair and look forward to what the next release for Complex Adaptive Systems brings.


2.1 Complex Mix
2.2 Adaptive Mix
2.3 System Mix
2.4 System (Patrick Walker mix)

Release Date: 23rd March 2015