Compute Music explores Berlins Club Culture with the 'Welcome Everybody' EP


Compute Music explores Berlins Club Culture with the 'Welcome Everybody' EP

Exploring the Berlin underground scene, Compute Music presents the imprints second release 'Welcome Everybody' EP - which explores the music of four artists who became driving forces in Berlin's Club Culture over a period of 15 years.

Kicking of the release, Toby Dreher presents his contribution 'Atomatik', with its bulky chords evolving in call and response underlined by a fat analog baseline and a minimal demanding groove.

Autotune are next up, a duo who are constantly striving to improve themselves by finding new ways of expression - 'Orgel 4' contains a lot of that energy coming along with unusual Melody based on a deep solid beat filled with jazzful drum-adds a recognizable blues voice takes us back in time.

Didier dlb digs into the influences from experiences he developed over the years his approach to electronic music with his contribution 'Detuned Kawai' creating a sound like a melange of his past mixing up all kind of musical genres, with a dub bassline slightly detuned, accompanied with indian folk singing that shares the stage with soothing synths.

Ray Kajioka is well known for his "warm spheric and impulsive sounding" - stepping into the frame on the release to do a rework on Toby Dreher's 'Atomatik' resulting in an outstanding Techno hymn.


A1. Toby Dreher - Atomatik
A2. Autotune - Orgel 4
B1. Toby Dreher - Atomatik (Ray Kajioka Remix)
B2. Didier dlb - Detuned Kawai

Release Date: 6th October 2015 (Vinyl) and 6th November 2015 (Digital)