Con+ainer Music release Miguel Torgas' 'Turista' E.P


Con+ainer Music release Miguel Torgas' 'Turista' E.P

The long-awaited return of Miguel Torga, to the imprint Con+ainer, this time around with 'Turista' is Miguel's second release on the label after 'Lisnave' back in 2012 . 'Turista' sees three lush Dub-Techno themed tunes to added to the catalogue, along with two amazing remixes from Kaspar (TINK MUSIC, 4 Lux, Housewax Records) and Pedro Goya (Troia Phonograph).

'Turista' is the first track of the release, opening the show with its plusating groove and filtered dub chords, along with Miguel Torga's signature punching bass-lines.

Second in line is 'Termas de Cabeço de Vide' with its surround atmospheric tide of white-noise that goes 'round the head, complemented by eerie-synths and fast paced rhythms while cries of joy and laughter can be heard in the distance - it really feels like a summer take on classic Dub Techno!

'Serra da Gardunha' feels like a whole different story: pulling you out of nature and getting you into a Wipeout spaceship cockpit, this last original song really feels like a proper tune to listen to cruising the highway at dawn, driving to the night. A proper dance and nod anthem, first heard at Boiler Room Lisboa this year and its name kept as a secret 'till this release.

Both Kaspar and Pedro Goya had a take on 'Termas de Cabeço de Vide' and each delivered awesome interpretations.

While Pedro Goya delivers a much needed deep take on the original, exploring vocal samples and subliminal bursts of beats while a 808 drum machine punches you in the gut with its sub frequencies, Kaspar took the psychedelic-way of doing things, bringing along a delicious arppegiated calypso line and a relentless drum beat taking the remix into an epic landscape of sound.


1. Turista
2. Termas de Cabeço de Vide
3. Serra da Gardunha
4. Termas de Cabeço de Vide (Kaspar remix)
5. Termas de Cabeço de Vide (Pedro Goya remix)

Release Date: 30th June 2015 through all main digital stores