Cool cut House from the Norwegian fjords with TinTin


Cool cut House from the Norwegian fjords with TinTin

Norwegian DJ/Producer TinTin will unleashes his latest cut of groovy house from Norway's fjords with the track 'Klubbvika', which follows up last years single 'Uno Dos Tres Cuatro'.

The track is a culmination of repeating synth melodies with a 4/4 funky House beat creating an engaging dancefloor vibe, with its sonic layers that build in intensity.

'Klubbvika' is to be released on their Vendetta Records, which is the House music division of legendary Blanco Y Negro Music, after Rödtopp Records signed a license deal with them giving the exclusive rights outside Scandinavia.

"I grew up in a small town far, far up North in Norway and I used to spend my holidays together with my grandparents a few miles from my home where they had their cabin," he says. "The place is called 'Klubbvika'" says TinTin

The video created for the track was created by TinTin after jumping in his car and filming the road trip to Klubbvika with an iPhone.

Release Date: 19th June 2015.