Crimes Of The Future - the sound of the lonely city to release White Of The


Crimes Of The Future - the sound of the lonely city to release White Of The

Crimes Of The Future is the sound of the lonely city and the musical brainchild of Timothy FairPlay and Scott Fraser.

Returning with his third release of 2014, White of the Eye is the first release under Nothing but Blood from Scott Fraser, a direct link back to Scott's work and sound in the darker realms of techno and harder-edged Chicago house. The EP title refers back to a favourite Donald Cammell film of Scott's from 1988.

Always a fan of longer records, White of the Eye on the A-side is an 11 minute extended mix, vision strobe lights and a crowded dance floor. Silent Servant was an obvious choice on the remix, Scott is a huge fan of what he does from both a musical and visual perspective, delivering a perfect remix for a low-ceilinged smoked filled room.

B2 features Claire Elise Tippins from Featureless Ghost in Atlanta on vocals, Scott remixed the band last year and loved her voice so much he invited her to guest on this track.

Scott describes 'White of the Eye' as 'a very personal record', one which takes him back to what got him really excited about writing electronic music in the beginning.

This is the fifth release from the Crimes Of The Future imprint.. unstoppable music from reputable talent.

A1. White Of The Eye
B1. White Of The Eye (Silent Servant Remix)
B2. Sensory Balance (Ft Claire Elise Toppins)

UK Release date: 8th December 2014