Criminal Hype introduces Kid Only with his 'Basement Slip' E.P


Criminal Hype introduces Kid Only with his 'Basement Slip' E.P

Unearthing another fresh new talent, Criminal Hype introduces Kid Only! delivering four original cuts on his 'Basement Slip' E.P each focuses on a core of straight up rough and raw house sounds, but each with their own twist of individuality influenced by various sounds.

Kid Only is a raw young talent from the other side of the world. Despite him releasing a few tracks this year, we have been sitting on this one for over 6 months again waiting for the perfect opportunity to bring the Melbourne lad to the front line.

'Let Go' really is something special! Delivering that tough late night house sound through out but an unique groove that grows until it takes over. One of those grooves that will still be rolling in your mind days after the encounter.

'Acid Connection' zones in on a tougher sound, rolling and rolling with so many admirable elements!

'Open Mind' & 'Over You' both maintain that peak hours house footings but rely on catchy little vocal cuts to provide a breakdown groove that leave you on your heels when he drops the track back in!

Keep your eyes peeled for Basement Slip The Remixes - featuring four amazing artists, each putting a twist on one of these four original cuts!


1. Let Go (Original Mix)
2. Acid Connection (Original Mix)
3. Open Mind (Original Mix)
4. Over You (Original Mix)

Release Date: TBC